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10 Best Blog Advertising Networks (to Make Money with Blog Ads) in 2022

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10 Best Blog Advertising Networks (to Make Money with Blog Ads) in 2022

When it comes to making money with your blog, ads are one of the best ways to do so. After all, you can’t expect people to visit your blog regularly if they won’t get anything out of doing so. With ads, you can offer readers exclusive content or products that can only be purchased from your site. You also get an opportunity to target specific users with these ads which is something Google Chrome extension User Intelligence does not currently allow for ad networks. Furthermore, advertising on your blog means you need not spend any time writing different types of articles in order to keep readers coming back for more and again. Instead, you can use ads as a secondary revenue source for your blog which will let you focus on other things instead. This article lists the top 10 advertising networks that work well with blogs in order to make money with them. Many advertisers have already started using these platforms after they saw how effective they are at monetizing blogs like

What is an ad network exactly?

An ad network is a company that manages the advertising on your blog. They know how to spot hot keywords which is hard for a typical blogger to do. They also make sure that their ads are placed in appropriate places on your site and can be seen by all of your target audience members. The ad networks listed below are highly recommended for bloggers who want to make money with their blog. Each one of these networks has been tried and tested by many top bloggers across the globe, so they’re likely to work really well for you as well.

Mediavine – Pros vs Cons

One of the best advertising networks out there is Mediavine. The advantage of this ad network is that they do not have any fees. They are also an easy platform to use and their team has been very helpful over the years as they have paid publishers in specific niches. However, this company is only seen as a good option for blogs with a lot of traffic because it’s such a large network. It’s also important to mention that many people do not like using this ad network because ads on your blog can come up in the middle of content which can be annoying for some readers.

Monumetric – Pros vs Cons

Monumetric is a great advertising network for bloggers. It provides the tools necessary to create and manage ads, as well as track your blog’s performance. Monumetric also has an impressive number of advertisers who use their services and they often have really competitive rates. The downside to Monumetric is that it can be difficult to find success with this platform. Some people may experience issues with how their ads are displayed on the site, while other bloggers may find that the ad rates do not meet their needs. With Monumetric, you will not need any technical knowledge because it functions through an easy-to-use dashboard and its extensive design ensures that you will be able to make your blog’s ads stand out from others.

Google AdSense – Pros vs Cons

The first advertising platform on this list is Google AdSense. The main reason why this website is one of the best for monetizing blogs is because it’s very easy to use and has numerous features. On top of that, it’s completely free to sign up for adsense and you can also install ad units throughout your site without any cost whatsoever. However, the downside to using this platform is that there are some limitations in how many sites you can have adsense on at once. Additionally, there are some advertisers with higher CPM rates who would be able to get a better deal than others if they were willing to pay more for their advertisements.

PropellerAds – Pros vs Cons

PropellerAds is a great advertising network for bloggers. It has the capacity to work with any type of blog and offers various types of ads, including video ads and custom images. Furthermore, PropellerAds is highly customizable so that you can find the right placement for your ad and make it visible to your target audience. Additionally, PropellerAds has a wide range of ad options that you can use to monetize your blog. You get real-time analytics when using this platform, which makes it easy for marketers to see how their ads are performing. You will also get up-front payment processing and no contracts or cancel policies for advertisers who need their ads removed from the network at any point in time. On the other hand, PpropellerAds does not offer a refund policy for publishers who do not wish to advertise on their network. This means there is no protection offered if an advertiser decides to take back their money after placing an ad on your site – which can be problematic if you’re just starting out as a blogger and don’t have much in terms of earnings yet. Furthermore, you may have trouble finding advertisers on this platform since most advertisers are focused on offering discounts through Google Adwords instead of working with networks like PropellerAds (which often times require higher CPM rates).

Infolinks – Pros vs Cons

Infolinks is an advertising network that allows publishers to monetize their content with ads, offers, and in-text links. It has a wide range of sources for advertisers such as: – Organic blog content – Promoted posts – Sponsored articles – Widgets (header, footer) – Inclusion in custom widgets – Promoted content on the site – Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter – Content syndication services like Feedspot or Bloglovin

Ezoic – Pros vs Cons

Pros: – Can be a great way to monetize your blog. – You can target your audience with ads as you have more control over who sees them. – The ads are great for brand awareness and will also help increase conversion rates according to the user intelligence extension. – The users of Ezoic are paid per click, which helps with the cost of producing content for your blog. – Ezoic partners with many influencers and companies that want to advertise on blogs in order to reach their desired audience. Cons: – Ezoic traffic is heavily influenced by search engines which means it is not as effective for you if you don’t get frequent SEO traffic from it. – You need a certain number of clicks in order to get paid, which means it might not be an option for you if your blog doesn’t get many clicks everyday. – There are only 20 countries in which advertisers can advertise on blogs through Ezoic’s network despite their capabilities being global like the other article mentioned above. – Pros vs Cons is an advertising network that allows bloggers to post ads and promote their content to a wider audience. The company was founded in 2009 by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns the company Yieldlab which provides analytics for digital ad campaigns. has 504,000 users, including 495,000 active advertisers with over $2 billion in sales. Pros: – Advertisers earn 30% commission on all transactions – Advertisers can target audiences based on location, gender, age, interests, and more – Cost effective advertising solutions Cons: – Requires unique domain name -“Yahoo! Bing Ads” integration not currently available – Can only be used if you have a website with a blog on it

AdThrive – Pros vs Cons

AdThrive fits in well with many advertisers’ needs. It offers a platform that is easy-to-use, offers ads that are easy to manage and target, and helps advertisers make more money with their blog advertising campaigns. However, this platform is only available on WordPress which may be an issue for some bloggers who use different blogging platforms like Blogger or Squarespace. Additionally, the cost of using this platform can be high for your budget depending on the number of ads you wish to run.

RevenueHits – Pros vs Cons

RevenueHits is one of the best advertising networks for bloggers to get their ads seen by a large audience. This platform has high quality ads that gain attention from users and delivers high conversions. RevenueHits does have some downsides though. In order to make the most out of this advertising network, you need to pay up front. There are also some restrictions on how many times your ad will be displayed and which words it can use in order to increase sales.

SHE Media – Pros vs Cons

She Media is a blogging platform that allows you to earn money by posting ads on your blog. The platform is easy to use with a simple interface and monetization strategy. In return, however, the company takes 55 percent of your revenue as opposed to the 35 percent they’d normally take. As far as pros and cons go, She Media has an advantage over other networks due to their simplicity and lack of restrictions. First of all, there are no sign-up requirements or complicated processes involved with making money with this ad network. This means that any blog owner can use it without any complications because they don’t have to wait for their account to be approved first like some other networks do. Secondly, the design of this platform is also simple which makes it easier for bloggers who are newbies at using advertising networks in general. The only con I could find about this company would be their percentage rate which is higher than most blogs offer; 55 percent instead of the usual 35 percent for each sale made through She Media. If you think this will result in more sales for your blog though, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.>>END>>

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Blog Advertising Network (for your website)

There’s no doubt that bloggers all over the world are getting rich by monetizing their blogs through ads. But with so many advertising networks out there, which ones will be best for your website? There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best advertising network for your blog, so before you make a decision, read on to learn more about these top 10 blogging networks and how they can help your website become a success.

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