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A marketing degree is ideal for those who are already working in areas such as advertising, sales, or public relations and want to take their career to the next level. With the rise of technology and social media, companies have new ways to market themselves.

By acquiring a marketing degree you will be able to explore all these mediums and find different strategies to use them on your company’s behalf. You can also develop yourself professionally by exploring how successful businesses operate.

There are many types of marketing degrees available at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. This article will discuss some popular routes that can get you onto the path to an MBA or Masters in Marketing. Check out our top pick for most lucrative bachelor’s degree programs!

Market research

Under this degree program students learn about market research, which is investigating the needs and wants of potential customers. By doing so, you can come up with ideas to improve products and services and promote them via various channels.

As there are no rules when it comes to marketing, anything from making changes to what channel people should advertise on is allowed, marketers must be knowledgeable about all the possibilities. Therefore, having a degree in market research can only help your business in its quest to succeed.

Product management

This degree focuses on developing and designing effective products and services. Students look into things like why certain products are more popular than others and determine whether a product fits its purpose well.

What is marketing?

business marketing degree

Marketers are people who actively work to increase the exposure and awareness of your product or service. They influence potential customers to purchase your products by using different communication tools, such as advertisements, websites, flyers, videos, and person-to-person marketing.

Market research and analysis is an integral part of what marketers do. By understanding your target audience’s needs and wants, you can design effective campaigns that will connect with them.

Additionally, marketers develop relationships with their peers in the industry to learn about new strategies and technology. This helps them keep up-to-date on cutting edge ways to spread your message!

It is important to note that while marketing is about drawing attention to things, it also includes spending money to promote your brand. A well-marketed business will draw positive comments about its services and qualities, which could create word-of-mouth referrals and growth.

What are the different types of marketing?

business marketing degree

There are three main categories of marketing that all businesses need to know about. These include brand awareness, customer loyalty, and influence or sales promotion.

Brand awareness means creating public perception or recognition of your product or service. This is done through media advertisements, direct-marketing campaigns, and word-of-mouth recommendations.

Customer loyalty comes from developing relationships with your customers by offering them good services and products and then supporting these services and products throughout life.

Influence or sale promotion strategies include reducing price, offering coupons, and keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in the market.

What does a marketer do?

business marketing degree

Technically, a business marketing degree is not about what kind of car you drive or whether you like spinach or broccoli more. It’s mostly about knowing how to manipulate people into buying products or services!

That sounds pretty vague, right?! Luckily for you, there are some key terms that describe what most professionals call “marketing.”

These important concepts include: advertising, branding, promotional strategies, influence marketing, market research, and communication theory.

Having a bachelor’s degree in business marketing will give you a strong foundation in these areas. You can then go onto earn additional certifications and/or degrees in each area.

Business marketers typically have specialties such as brand management, sales promotion, or communications. These career paths usually require at least two years of advanced study beyond the bachelors degree.

Generalist business marketers may work in one of those areas, but they’re not specialized in any. They may also hold an upper-level position within their department or team, leading others in their field.

How to start a business

business marketing degree

Starting your own business may seem like an overwhelming task, but it is not! With the right preparation, what kind of business you want to run, and how much money you have in place, starting your own company is totally doable.

Running your own business comes with its own set of responsibilities, but you can be comfortable knowing that you are prepared for them. You will also need to use your time effectively as there’s no way someone else can cover up for your mistakes or delays when you’re self-employed.

Business owners share their secrets for success with each other through various networking groups and seminars. By attending these events, you’ll get valuable tips and tricks from others who’ve done similar things before. There’s always something new to learn about marketing your business and growing your client base.

There are many ways to market your business, so don’t feel limited by this article – try experimenting with different strategies until you find ones that work for you.

Certificate programs

business marketing degree

Another option is to attend a certificate program. These are typically more in-depth than bachelor’s degree courses, but they usually do not require as much time to complete. Some of these programs are even very specific, such as marketing for medical professionals or social media strategies for business owners.

There are several great resources available online that can help you gain certification while studying at the same time. Many of them are free!

Medical providers often have requirements to be certified so it makes sense to start there. For example, nurse practitioners must have their BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and RN licensure first before being able to take the CNP (Certified Nurse Practitioner).

Business students may also find certifications helpful to advance their careers. This could be an MSA (Master of Supply Management) or MSWM (Master of Strategic Web Marketing), just to name a few.

Overall, starting out with a certificate program is a great way to get professional development without too much cost.

Online programs

business marketing degree

There are now many business marketing degrees that can be completed online. This is an excellent way to pursue your degree while working full time or with other family obligations.

Online business marketing courses usually take about one to two years to complete, which is close in length to traditional campus-based studies.

In addition to the convenience of learning at your own pace, this option has the advantage of being cost effective. Students can typically find affordable tuition for business marketing courses through research universities or via private institutions like The University of Texas at Austin’s MBA program, for example.

The internet makes it possible to connect with other students and instructors virtually anywhere in the world. While there may be some additional expenses associated with using remote technology tools such as Google Hangouts and Skype, they are often paid for by the instructor or the school.

Overall, though, both options are great ways to learn more about business marketing.

The times when marketers were adored

business marketing degree

In past years, business marketing degrees focused heavily on giving you knowledge about how to market products or services. But these days, with technology being integrated into almost every aspect of our lives, educating people on using social media or understanding influencer marketing is not as important.

Instead, what most degree programs are teaching students is called “marketing analytics” or the study of how consumers make buying decisions in the marketplace. This is very different from traditional marketing, which was more about telling others about your product or service!

With the explosion of digital technology, there have been an abundance of ways for people to get information. People now have access to countless sources where they can find out answers to all of their questions. As such, it no longer makes sense to spend money advertising on television, radio, or print publications, because anyone with a smartphone has access to the same content.

What matters today is having influence through the right channels to reach the appropriate audience, and knowing what types of messages will motivate them to action. A degree in business marketing should teach you this.

The different types of marketing

business marketing degree

Different types of marketing are very specific, which is why it can be so confusing to figure out what each one actually is. To make things even more complicated, not all brands use the same definitions for these terms.

So what are some common types of marketing? Let’s take a look!

General advertising- This includes billboards, TV commercials, advertisements in magazines, newspapers or online sites, and other mediums to promote or market a product or service.

Direct response marketing– Also referred to as “response marketing,” this type focuses on getting individuals to do something by creating messages that appeal to their emotions or need for the product or service.

Public relations (PR)- Helping an organization gain exposure by speaking positively about them to media sources and influencing others to share good reports about the company.

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